Sep 29 2016

日本のみなさん この英文のあとに日本語があります。

1st Place – Reio Ono – Suzuki Selpet 50cc Racer

At home with rigors of the Build Off, it was Reio Ono’s 2015 third place win spurred him to return this year. Going back to the drawing board, this time he’s honed his skills and created a machine to be campaigned against the Deus Firefly in a local under 60cc vintage race series.

The bare-bones 1961 Suzuki Selped 50 masterpiece is a parred back expression of minimalist steam punk. Its press metal frame was stripped of even paint in search of weight savings. An aluminum seat pan of Ono’s own design was hand beaten, ribbed then upholstered in a single layer of edge stitched, full grain tan leather (seat padding has no place on the podium we’re guessing).

 Its fuel cell was made from the outer surfaces of a junk tank lying at the back of his workshop, cut and welded together. Its race number boards are recycled aluminum registration plates, lightly curved by English wheel to stop them flapping at speed while a hand crafted expansion chamber helps eek out every last fraction of a horsepower from the overhauled 50cc two stroke engine.

Embodying the spirit of “creating the most from the least” the most expensive element of the build – a fresh set of race compound tyres and the $125 donor machine itself.

2nd Place – Makoto Nakazawa – Honda TL50 Board Tracker

The venerable Honda CB50 engine has been around since the 1970s and we’ve seen it successfully slung into everything from mini-motocrossers to go carts. Nothing to date, however, prepared us for the draw dropping clean lines of Nakazawa’s hand built homage to board track. Out shining a bevy of machines more than 20 times its capacity to take home 2nd place, its perfectly proportioned frame cradles a one-off tank finished in luscious vintage red. Most of the components are typical garden variety origin, repurposed hubs, rims, bars and saddle, but it’s the way this builder has curated the collection to acheive a whole far far greater than the sum of its parts that had our judges scribbling feverishly in their note books.

3rd Place – Ryo Denda – Honda GB250

Most of us have had those moto projects that start full of vision and promise, only to fizzle and fade. A part on back order, a tricky solution left unresolved or funds being appropriated by more pressing needs. So when Ryo Denda talked to us of his build taking several years our judges smiled knowingly, for his GB250 based machine sports nothing less than a monocoque type spine frame of his own design, fabricated by hand, from sheet steel, a trellis rear sub-frame, ridged mount rear swing arm, dual fuel cells and a plexiglass seat. A raw, creative adventure, this moto smashes genres, mashes up materials and manufacturing processes and most of all, goes to illustrate how far a builder can go when they ignore fear.

People’s Choice Under 250cc – Ken Ritsuno – Original

Original is an interesting word, but one rarely used in the true sense of the word, but it is the ONLY word we’ve got to describe our sub 250cc People Choice winner for 2016. While the design proportions are openly inspired by 1913 Harley Davidsons, the path taken to get there is something else. A US sourced agricultural motor, turned on its end, a springer front end borrowed from a bicycle and key components beefed up to handle the load, mountain bike brakes, rip cord starting procedure (demonstrations on the day were crowd pleasing to say the least), a hand-made frame and stainless tank plus an open carb bell mouth wide enough to risk sucking in wildlife on narrow mountain roads. Custom motorcycling at its finest – What’s not to love! In fact, when he had finished the build, Ritsuno loved the machine so much he’s made three more with various engine and colour schemes to keep this one company.

People’s Choice Over 250cc – Kenji Heianzan GL500

Honda’s plastic maggot has enjoyed somewhat of a Cinderella story in alt-moto building circles in current years and while the GL was arguably the CX’s pretty sister, it was still no stunner. Thankfully Kenji Heianzan found this one and decided a make-over was in order. The result of his hard work is the lovable little transverse V-Twin shown here. Its reworked Yamaha tank, Marzocchi rear shocks and meaty vintage vibe rubber made for a combo that stole enough hearts amongst our 1500 strong crowd to see it take out the people’s choice over 250cc capacity award on the day.


1位 小野令夫 /オノ レイオ 1961 スズキ・セルペット 52MD


カスタムを始めるにあたり、小野さんはこれまでの経験やアタマの中にストックしてきたイメージを全て白紙に戻し、車両制作に必要なさまざまなスキルを向上させた。そして排気量60cc以下のボトムリンク式フロントサスペンション車両のみで行われるビンテージレース/BOBLシリーズにも参戦している、デウスジャパンがカスタムした車両「FIREFLY (ファイヤーフライ ・会場に展示していた水色に赤いラインのカブ)」と対抗できるバイクで戻ってきた。



レースへ向けた新しいタイヤ1本4000円×2、タンクベース850円など彼は費用計算書も作成。そのなかで一番高かったものは、ベースとなっているセルペットの車両代 12500円というのだ。BBOのスローガンである「お金をかけずに情熱と愛情を持ち」「最小限で最大限を表現すること」「走行可能であること」「ブレーキがかかること」「己の工夫と果てることのない情熱で創り上げること」の全てを成し遂げたカスタムバイクなのである。


2位 中澤真 /ナカザワ マコト HONDA TL50 (CB50)


中澤さんは1911年モデルの Indian製ボードトラックレーサーをイメージし前後ホイールを21インチ化。さらに出来るだけホンダの純正部品を流用しながらフレームやタンクを設計。時には仲間の手を借りながらであったが、この美しいボディラインを作りだした事は想像を超えるものであった。



3傳田 良/ デンダ リョウGB250エンジン


しかし傳田さんは違った。“Let’s Build your own bike(バイクを作ってみたい)” という気持ちから何年もかけてこの1台が生まれたと、彼自身が語ってくれた。

何事も恐れず、めげずに90%の情熱と10%の技術で生まれた、まさにフレッシュなバイクなのだ!ホンダGB250のエンジンに彼自身が鉄板から手作りしたオリジナルのデザインのモノコック風フレーム、リジッドのスイングアーム、デュアル燃料タンク、トラリスフレームとアクリルで製作されたシートフレーム&シート……乗りやすさは二の次という潔さに、我々審査員はみな思わず微笑んでしまったのだ。 無骨で創造的な冒険に向かって、ルールに捕われず己の道を突き進んだ傳田さん。かっこいいじゃないか!


ピープルズチョイス プロ部門250cc 以上 ミナミ モーターサイクル 平安山 健ニ/ ヘイアンザン ケンジ

2クラスに別れたプロ部門は、BBO 会場に集まったみなさんの投票/ピープルズチョイスで順位が決まった。そして「プロ部門250cc以上」クラスでその頂点に選ばれたのは ミナミモーターサイクルの「ホンダGL500」だ。今ここに、バイク界のあらたなシンデレラストーリーが生まれた。


ホンダGLシリーズには、同じく縦置きV型2気筒エンジンを搭載するCXシリーズがあり、その素朴な兄弟シリーズはバイク界にひっそりとしていた存在。そんな兄弟を平安山さんが見つけて、カスタムする事を決意。そして彼のハードワークによって、愛らしいV-Twinカフェレーサーが誕生した。 そのマシンはヤマハ製のタンクやマルゾッキ製のリアショック、そしてハイトの高いビンテージタイヤなどによって構成され、それはまるで蛹(サナギ)が蝶々になったかのような変貌を見事に成し遂げたのだ。彼に見つけられカスタムされていなかったら、このホンダGL500はまだ蛹(サナギ)のままだったかもしれない。そんな車両が、来場した1500人の群衆よって見事に選ばれたなんて、なんて素晴しい物語なのだ。


ピープルズチョイス プロ部門250cc 以下 マメ・デザイン株式会社 立之建 / リツノケン

 2クラスに別れたプロ部門は、BBO 会場に集まったみなさんの投票/ピープルズチョイスで順位が決まった。そして「プロ部門250cc以上」クラスでその頂点に選ばれたのは、マメ・デザインのオリジナルマシンだ。




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The Brute from Belarus - Tramontana Yamaha XV750

Sep 29 2016

Ahh Belarus. The home of 300+ potato recipes and one of the greenest countries on the planet. If you weren't aware of these facts about Belarus don't worry, neither was I. Belarus isn't a country that often gets a mention here on Return of the Cafe Racers, in fact this is only the second time we've had a feature from the landlocked, eastern European country. Spartak Malkevich, owner and founder of 'Sparta Garage' is the only builder we've come across from Belarus, but that doesn't mean he lacks ability. Today we talk to Spartak about his latest build, the Yamaha XV750 'Tramontana' cafe racer.

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92′ BMW R100GS Sidecar ‘Avventura’ – OCGarage

Sep 29 2016

92′ BMW R100GS Sidecar ‘Avventura’ – OCGarage

Written by Martin Hodgson. Head south-east out of Italy's motorcycle capital of Bologna on the E45 towards the Adriatic Sea and eventually you arrive in Ravenna where you are transported back in time and you haven't even had to reach 88mph. This was the capital of the Western Roman Empire, it's where Julius Caesar gathered his forces before crossing the Rubicon and you don't have to look far to see a Basilica decorated with the world's most incredible mosaics. But Ravenna is also home to a small workshop that takes you back to a time when great craftsman and artists worked from their small studios to create pieces that would remain on the lips of admirers for centuries to come; this is the home of Oscar Tasso's OCGarage. It is here that he has created his latest masterpiece, from the very best materials in the world, a 1992 BMW R100GS with sidecar, it's the incredible AVVENTURA!

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