Golden Touch - John Player Suzuki GS750

Oct 22 2017

In the world of Formula 1 racing, no one has ever looked as stylish on the track as the 1970’s Lotus John Player Special team. A liberal coat of black paint and gold JPS livery went together to create a look as iconic in racing as Nike’s swoosh is to sneakers. In fact, the JPS colourway was so loved that after being sponsored by the brand both BMW and Norton went on to produce special edition, consumer vehicles that bore a JPS inspired scheme. Looking good wasn’t all the JPS team did though. With the tobacco companies backing Lotus, BMW and Norton all enjoyed many successes on the track further adding to the brand's massive impact as an automotive racing sponsor.

For one Belgian based motorcycle enthusiast, the JPS racing livery was the epitome of cool. Like many of us though, the notion of owning an original JPS vehicle was an unachievable dream. So when Michiel van Son set out to rebuild a late seventies Suzuki GS750 he looked to that iconic Lotus for inspiration.


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MOTO PHOTOS: California’s Shaik Ridzwan

Oct 21 2017

MOTO PHOTOS: California’s Shaik Ridzwan

Time for a quick confession. Shaik Ridzwan was probably the first photographer featured on Pipeburn who really made us sit up and take notice. Yes, the fact that he also shot Max Hazan’s bikes can’t have hurt things - but in my mind Shaik was the one who opened our eyes to the fact that shooting bikes could be a whole lot more than wheeling it out on the driveway and telling the local kids to get out of the shot. Here’s a collection of his best ever photos, assembled by the man himself.

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